As the coronavirus pandemic and perennial flood engulfs Assam this year, Assamese all over the world are determined to extend their help and stand along the ones who are affected. This extraordinary situation has impacted the Assamese artistes hard especially financially; it has impacted their lives and livelihoods. These artistes from Assam are the lifeline of traditional Assamese culture and we feel proud of their performance in world stage. Together we deeply care about the artistes of Assam and it is our turn to make a difference and leave a mark in this moment of crisis. We need your help and cooperation as an esteemed community member to make our effort a success.

Artistes from Assam are pride of our culture, let's show we care in this time of their need.


ShilpiSewa are spearheading a fundraising drive, uniting Assamese diaspora from all over the globe, to stand by our brothers and sisters in our homeland Assam. This is a collective effort to stand by our people in this terrible time of COVID-19 pandemic and perennial flood situation. This fundraising campaign is being coordinated with Star Artistes of Assam, News Media and entrepreneurs and Music entities from Assam along with Assamese community members of North America. Shilpisewa will not keep any of the community contribution from this fundraiser and plans to donate the entire amount to artistes from Assam, the beneficiaries of this fundraiser event, all the expenses, which are minimal, are covered by volunteers of Shilpi Sewa. All members of Shilpi Sewa are volunteers as well as the star performers of this event will not receive any remuneration.

We have planned "A Cultural Fundraiser for the Mobile Theater Artistes of Assam" - a grand philanthropic charity live event , partnering with most celebrated and talented singers, composure and movie stars from Assam. The show will be broadcast digitally over internet streaming platform globally and covered in Assam news television channel(s) for awareness, support and fundraising on 4th Dec, 2021, celebrating our Assam Day (Dec 2nd 2021). Please donate generously for this cause.

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First and foremost, please donate generously for the cause. In addition, we would be so grateful if you come forward and join us in the effort to make this event a great success. You can also help us by sharing our facebook, website, email communication with your friend and local and overseas communities.

We need your help in following areas:

  • Marketing and promotion of the event and participation among your community members.

  • Promoting the event over your social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Blog, Vlog, Email and other media. Seeking financial support from everyone including eminent people and corporate philanthropic partners in your area for COVID and Flood in Assam is much appreciated.

  • Volunteering in different areas, like technology, marketing, fundraising logistics, auditing, digital promotion are much welcome. Please email to us at


Anjana Bordoloi

Rachna Nath

Geetasree Gogoi Apte

Shyam DevChoudhury

Krishna Hazarika

Tripti Borah

Geeti Das

Rituraj Phukan

Arup Goswami

Dil Deka

Mayashree Baruah

Indrani Baruah

Partha Gogoi

Sikha Sharma

Chiranjit Bordoloi

Debabrata Sharma

Lovita Phukan

Surekha Baishya

Naba Goswami

Manalisha Borah

Krishanu Kaushik

Monalisa Mazumdar