A Run for a cause

Bhramyaman theater is an integral part of Assam and Assamese identity. Each year, each of these groups travel across the state bringing with them producers, actors, dancers, singers, technicians, drivers, and cooks, in addition to all the stage infrastructure to perform. Bhramyaman theatre is a dynamic art form that combines bodies, light, sound and materials into exciting live events. A troupe sets up for three to four days, a different show each day, before moving on to the next makeshift venue. They perform hundreds of shows, in every nook and corner of Assam.

Bhramyaman theater had a profound impact on Assamese culture for generations , most of we non resident grew up watching them and over time, the troupes have become beloved local institutions. The various artists theater could connect with people, creating a deep bond with the audience. We fondly recall the festive atmosphere including balloons, ice cream, and local food vendors at the venue. During those years, most plays were based on stories by Assamese writers, such as Bhabendra Nath Saikia, Lakshmi Nandan Bora, and Lakshminath Bezbarua, giants of Assamese literature. They showcased indigenous content that was characteristic of Assam, and Assamese identity.

ShilpiSewa recently organized a fundraising for the Bhramyaman theater artists. These artists are badly affected by COVID-19 pandemic. They had lost their regular source of income due to cancellation of their

shows. The Cultural Fundraiser for the Mobile Theater Artistes of Assam on 5th December 2021 was well received. Ankur Bora , a member of the ShilpiSewa team is running a marathon as a continuation of ShilpiSewa Cultural Fundraiser.

Every year people run Marathon to raise money for their charity. In United States it's a popular means of raising money as well as raising awareness. Ankur Bora is a runner who participated in Austin and Dallas Marathon earlier to raise fund for some of the educational institutions for underprivileged in Assam. This year he is running BMW Dallas Marathon “I am greatly influenced by the solidarity shown by the fellow Assamese residents to our artists. We sincerely wish that our Bhramyaman theater artists will get past the hardship” Ankur appeals everyone to support and contribute to the fundraising campaign – the payment can be made through PayPal , Zelle or Venmo - https://www.shilpisewa.com/home