Every year people run Marathon to raise money for their charity. In United States it's a popular means of raising money as well as raising awareness. Ankur Bora is a runner who participated in Austin and Dallas Marathon earlier to raise fund for some of the educational institutions for underprivileged in Assam. This year he is running BMW Dallas Marathon “I am greatly influenced by the solidarity shown by the fellow Assamese residents to our artists. We sincerely wish that our Bhramyaman theater artists will get past the hardship” Ankur appeals everyone to support and contribute to the fundraising campaign – the payment can be made through PayPal , Zelle or Venmo. Please click link to donate.

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Assam, one of the seven sisters in the Northeastern part of India, bears a historical significance when it comes to our famous Kamakhya Temple, our forever green tea plantations and for our River Brahmaputra. Assam is also known for their sericulture and also for the rich Assamese tradition of age-old folk music, mobile theatre, our ethnic pottery makes of brass and one of the recognized Classical Dance forms in India “Xatriya”.

Mobile Theatre (As: ভ্ৰাম্যমাণ থিয়েটাৰ), is a form of popular theatre exclusive to Assam. Unlike Street plays, Mobile Theatre groups travel from place to place with their cast, singers, musicians, dancers and crew, often carrying tents and seating with them.

But everything has taken a turn for the worse for these artistes and crews since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They have not just lost their source of income, due to cancellation of their shows most of them started picking up daily labor jobs in different forms to live their life.

In a minimalistic effort to find some solace for them, an effort has been made to make their life a little easier. We need your help and cooperation as an esteemed community member to make our effort to help these ‘upholders of our society’ a success.

Join our global initiative to provide financial relief to mobile theatre artistes and crews of Assam. Due to prevalent pandemic many of them are in need of financial and moral support. Let's keep Mobile Theatre of Assam alive!!

A show of solidarity by the stars for the stars-in-making

Let’s get together again a second time for virtual show to fundraise for Mobile Theater Industry of Assam impacted due to COVID-19. We appreciate the solidarity and compassion by the star musician and Theater personality of Assam for the unsung and unheard of local theater technicians of Assam in their times of economic distress due to COVID-19 pandemic. The star performers for this event have given up any remuneration for this event usually they charge for any other events due to the noble intention of this event. We thank all our star performers of this event for their philanthropic efforts to make this event possible. A show packed with live performances from the stalwarts of Assamese and including few involved now in Bollywood industry is sure to mesmerize your weekend. Grab your seats fast by joining the zoom event for a nominal donation of $45 at the likes of your home. Your attendance could help a few families tide through this a little better and also keep you and yours enthralled at the same time. Looking forward for all of your’s participation.

Baharul Islam

Shilpisewa is raising funds for a very noble cause. There is so much need to support our theater industry through this pandemic, Seagull team is glad to be part of this effort. I request everyone to come forward and make this fundraiser a success. -- --

Priyanka Bharali

I am happy that North America based our Assamese brothers and sisters have come forward with a fund raising initiative Shilpi Sewa to financially help our folk artistes in Assam during COVID-19 crisis. Let’s join hands together to support this noble cause.
-- --

Angarag Mahanta

It’s time to stand together to help our fellow artistes from Assam in need. I am standing with Shilpi Sewa team to raise funds for this noble cause. Please join us and help.
-- --

Moinul Haque

In the times of this pandemic, i feel honored to have been invited by the Assamese community in the US & Canada for this noble initiative. Life gets to be more beautiful once we start giving back. My regards to everyone connected with ShilpiSewa
-- --

Nishita Goswami

In these trying times it's extremely heartwarming to see the efforts of my fellow Assamese residing in USA to extend their help to the Mobile Theater industry of Assam . I feel honored to be a part of this noble initiative "শিল্পী সেৱা". Far by distance but close by hearts . After all it's the heart where we carry our motherland ASSAM no matter wherever we live on this planet ️ -- --


We thank our partners providing critical support

Mridul Bhuyan

Thank You for your contribution of nominating the Beneficiaries

Naren Patgiri

Thank You for your contribution in coordinating with the Star Performers

Asim Sarma

Thank You for your contribution in developing the promotional video

Thank You and Ekodus team for the contribution in developing event flyer

Nayan Nirban Barua

Thank You for your contribution of nominating the Beneficiaries

Thank You and Panchasur team contribution of nominating the Beneficiaries

Thank You and Assam Talks for your contribution of nominating the Beneficiaries

Thank You for your contribution of nominating the Beneficiaries

Thank You to the team for contribution in nominating the Beneficiaries

The Beneficiaries

Assamese culture is alive and thriving today in regional, national and international platform due to these dedicated artistes of Assam. We are proud and indebted to your immense contribution to Assamese society. It's our turn to contribute and thank you in this time of need.

We have projected to receive more than 100 Beneficiary nominations. We are actively working towards confirming eligible beneficiaries for this fundraiser.

CLICK HERE to view list of 2021 (current) Beneficiaries

We are adding the pictures of more beneficiaries as and when made available. Members of Shilpi Sewa is actively working to gather the necessary information such as beneficiary bank account number, pictures and other details necessary to successfully transfer the funds raised from this fundraiser event directly to them. Below is the complete list of PROBABLE beneficiaries.
  1. Mitul Kumar Kalita (Balaji) Vill+PO Haribhanga, Dist Nalbari, PS Tihu 781378
  2. Budheswar Boro PS Jagiroad, Dist Morigaon 782412
  3. Padumi Pathak PS Tihu, Dist Nalbari 781355
  4. Priti Pathak PO Bordaulguri, PS Sipajhar, Dist Darrang 784145
  5. Sankar Jyoti Rajkhowa Vill Bamungaon, Dist Golaghat 785625
  6. Nirmal Deka Vill Balilecha, Dist Nalbari 781334
  7. Biren Bhuyan Rajbari, Dist Lakhimpur
  8. Ratul Saikia Vill Kumargaon, PO Nonoi, Dist Nagaon 782101
  9. Sada Nanda Bora Vill Padmapur, PS Narayanpur, Dist Lakhimpur 784164
  10. Dharma Kanta Roy
  11. Beauty Roy Vill Rongajan, PS Bihpuria, PO Letekupukhuri, Dist Lakhimpur
  12. Bhadreswar Choudhury PO Barbang, Dist Bajali
  13. Nitul Dhihingia Vill Gutungnapam, Dist Dhemaji
  14. Jyoti Rekha Kalita PO Bihpuria, Dist Lakhimpur
  15. Hiru Borthakur PO Salaguri, PS Jamuguri Haat Dist Sonitpur
  16. Troilakya Kakati Vill Bori, PO Bori, Dist Nalbari
  17. Lakhi Sharma Vill Satimapara, Dist Nalbari
  18. Dilip Kakati Vill Bori, PO Bori, Dist Nalbari
  19. Dharmeswar Talukdar Tihu
  20. Lakhidhar Sharma
  21. Mondakinee Dutta PO Tiokghat, PS Sonari, Dist Charaideo
  22. Arup Kumar Das PO Japia, Dist Kamrup
  23. Debu Roy PO Deohati, Dist Bongaigaon
  24. Simanta Phukan
  25. Pawan Bora PO Bebejia, Dist Nagaon
  26. Dijen Roy PO Golibandha, Dist Barpeta
  27. Kshitish Sarma( light)
  28. Bhagirath Roy( Music)
  29. Sanatan Das( Acting)
  30. Jatin Pathak ( Music)
  31. Suren Thakuriya( Acting)
  32. Tiken Pathak ( Music)
  33. Tirtha Sahariya( Music)
  34. Madhabi Baruah( Dancer)
  35. Mum Kakati( Acting)
  36. Anup Talukdar( Acting)
  37. Narayan Baruah( Music Director for 30 yrs.)
  38. Dipali Talukdar( singer)
  39. Tarak Das( Acting)
  40. Phunuprabha Senapati( Acting)
  41. Dijen Roy( Acting)
  42. Prabin Talukdar( Acting)
  43. Baikuntha Roy( setting)
  44. Jatin Rabha( stage management)
  45. Kaneswar Das( Music)
  46. Pratap Boro( Music)
  47. Also Roy( setting)
  48. Dhanjit Boro
  49. Rupam Chetia
  50. Gautam Das
  51. Tapan Baruah
  52. Sibu Bania
  53. Rimjhim Deka
  54. Poly Gogoi
  55. Ketep
  56. Dimple Das
  57. Rajiv Kalita
  58. Paraxuram Baishya
  59. Upam Saikia
  60. Binoy Deka
  61. Dipon Jyoti Bharali
  62. Gunen Sarma
  63. Ranjan Sandilya
  64. Mun Bordoloi
  65. Hirok Jyoti Hazarika
  66. Bipul Bora PO Aibheti, Dist Nagaon
  67. Biren Bhuyan
  68. Bishal Bora
  69. Tapan Saikia
  70. Bhargab J Baruah
  71. Kamal Sarma
  72. Ajanta Pujari
  73. Tankeswar Kalita
  74. Abinash Das
  75. Hiru Borthakur
  76. Bubul Bordoloi
  77. Dijen Deka
  78. Dipak Bora
  79. Hiren Bora
  80. Bubul Das Bajali
  81. Subhan Borah PO Hawajan, Dist Biswanath
  82. Jiten Konwar PO Dhakuakhana, Dist Lakhimpur
  83. Isan Hussain PO Betbari, Dist Sibsagar
  84. Romen Tamuli PO Gosaihat, Dist Kamrup
  85. Satyajit Bora Choraideo
  86. Mukul Borkakati Dist Nagaon
  87. Bandana Baruah Chetia Dist Dibrugarh
  88. Mayashree Gogoi Tiok
  89. Sushil Patowary PO Barpeta
  90. Rupjyoti Sarmah PO Dhakuakhana, Dist Lakhimpur
  91. Bharati Kalita PO Lalung, Dist Nagaon
  92. Nilima Deka PO Tihu, Dist Nalbari
  93. Champa Borah PO Hawajan, Dist Biswanath
  94. Utpal Barman PS Tihu, Dist Nalbari
  95. Samarendra Bormon Amoyapur, Nalbari
  96. Manuj Boishyo Gubrado, Borma
  97. Reba Borah Hawajan, Biswanath
  98. Bhinka Das Barpeta
  99. Padmo

CLICK HERE to view list of 2020 (past) Beneficiaries

Below is the complete list of beneficiaries from 2020.
Artist Name Age Expertise Amount Address
  1. Abhijeet Changmai 38 Folk dance ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  2. Achyut Bora 50 Dhul , Khul, Tokari ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  3. Amar Jyoti Bhuyan Skill- Bhauna ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  4. Amar Jyoti Sarmah 45 Tabla, Dhulok ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  5. Amiya Kumar Chirang 55 Mishing folk songs & dance, Bhupen Hazarika, Bishnu Rabha ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  6. Ananda Muktiar Satriya dance and khol player ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  7. Ananta Bora 45 Dhul, khul , Tabla ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  8. Anil Roy 46 Goalparia Dhol, dotara ₹13,000.00 Dhubri
  9. Ansuman Das Musicians performed on Aug 15, Jatiya sangeet ₹6,000.00
  10. Arup Nath 31 Dhol player ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  11. Ashim Kumar Sarmah 42 Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Dibrugarh
  12. Baloram Saikia 67 Folk singer ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  13. Basudev Baruah 72 Folk music, main bayan of Auniati Satra ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  14. Bhanu Devi 35 Folk Theater/Deodhani Dance ₹13,000.00 Darrang
  15. Bhaskar Jyoti Kalita 40 Flute Player ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  16. Bholaram Nath 44 Sukanani Ojapali ₹13,000.00 Darrang
  17. Bhupen Rajbangshi 59 Flute expert ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  18. Bidyaman Bhuyan Musicians performed on Aug 15, Jatiya sangeet ₹6,000.00
  19. Bikash Borah Sattriiya Dance ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  20. Bikash Dowara 38 Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  21. Bipul Bora 52 Khol player ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  22. Biren Doloi 60 Folk singer ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  23. BIREN KOLITA SATRIYA DANCE ₹13,000.00 Majuli/ golaghat now
  24. Birendra Bora 39 Bhaona ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  25. Bishnu Bora 45 Keyboard Player ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  26. Bishwajit Gogoi 29 Dhol & Nagara player ₹13,000.00 Golaghat
  27. Biswajit Saikia 32 Xatriya & bharatnatyam dancer ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  28. Bodoruddin Ahmed Jikir & jari ₹13,000.00 Golaghat
  29. Bulbul Baruah Borah folk singer ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  30. Chanchal Konwar 35 Guitarist ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  31. Dadu Dutta 27 Khol; Xatriya Nritya ₹13,000.00 Madhupur, North Lakhimpur
  32. Damodar Kalita 56 Sculpture ₹13,000.00 Sipajhar
  33. Debeswar Saikia 49 Dhol & Nagara player ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  34. Debo Kakati 57 Muguriya Zuna Naam ₹13,000.00 Nalbari
  35. Dhiren Chekanidhara 46 Xatriya xilpi vocalist; Borgeet; Bayan; Workshops with NSD and Sangeet Natak Academy; YouTube link shared ₹13,000.00 Barbali, North Lakhimpur
  36. Dipkesh Borgohain Musicians performed on Aug 15 ₹7,500.00
  37. Dulal Manki 55 Tea tribes folk singer/ Jhumoor ₹13,000.00 Tinsukia
  38. Dulan Ch. Nath 45 Sculptor & Painter ₹13,000.00 Morigaon
  39. Durgeswar Borah 48 Flute player ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  40. Dwijen Chandra Barman Sattriya Dance ₹13,000.00 Nalbari
  41. Ganesh Chandra Das 42 Goalporia dhol player ₹13,000.00 Barpeta
  42. Giren Kalita 52 Khol player ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  43. Hemen Sarma 51 Loka Geet; Dhol, Khol & Tabla player ₹13,000.00 Dhubri
  44. Horendra Gogoi 46 Leather instruments ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  45. Jadab Saikia 31 Xatriya Nritya; Bhaona ₹13,000.00 Bihpuria, North Lakhimpur
  46. Jagannath Hira 58 Clay Artist ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  47. Jagat Chandra Barik 43 Satria Teacher, Khol, Ankiya Naat ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  48. Jintu Neog 40 Dhul , Khul , Negera ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  49. Kakul Bharali Musicians performed on Aug 15 ₹7,500.00
  50. Khagen Nath 55 Actor ₹13,000.00 Barpeta
  51. Khanin Patar 48 Flutist, Borgeet, Loka geet ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  52. Krishna Bhuyan Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Darrang/ Lakhimpur
  53. Krishna Ram Pegu 72 Mishing folk singer ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  54. Kuladhar Talukdar 50 Build Stages for Cultural Programs ₹13,000.00 Dhubri
  55. Kulen Borah Makeup Artists, Script Writer ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  56. Lachit Baruah Dhol player ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  57. Lilambar Kataki 50 Folk music bihu ₹13,000.00 Tezpu
  58. Mahananda Nath Dhulia, Bayan ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  59. manabendra Sarmah Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  60. Manik Sarmah 59 Flute Player ₹13,000.00 Sonitpur
  61. Mihir Bezbaruah 52 Music Teacher ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  62. Moheswar Baruah 43 Xatriya Nritya; Gayan Bayan ₹13,000.00 Rangajan, North Lakhimpur
  63. Monisa Borthakur 54 Ai naam, biya naam, khol player, tech, judge ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  64. Monisha Bora 43 Xatriya, Borgeet, Lokageet ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  65. Mousam Kumar Rajkhowa Musicians performed on Aug 15 ₹7,500.00
  66. Mridul Das 45 Flute and other traditional Instruments ₹13,000.00 Sonitpur
  67. Mukunda Madhav Bora 50 Lokageet xilpi, build instruments - dotara, dagar, guru axon, lahori ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  68. Mukunda Teron 70 Flute and pepa badak ₹13,000.00 Morigaon
  69. Munindra Kr Das Negera, dhol, khol, tabla player ₹13,000.00 Sonitpur
  70. Muruli Nath 50 Singer (Bhupendra Sangeet, Jyoti Sangeet, Bishnu Rabha Sangeet) ₹13,000.00 Sonitpur
  71. Mustafa Ali Jikir & jari ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  72. Nabajyoti Borah 39 Dhol, Music and Dance School ₹13,000.00 Nagaon
  73. Nabajyoti Chutia 49 Bihu artiste (Pepa, flute maker & player) ₹13,000.00 Golaghat
  75. Narayan Kalita 57 Lok geet singer, dutara player ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  76. Nayan Jyoti Nath 29 Suknani Ojapali ₹13,000.00 Darrang
  77. Nilutpal Bora 40 Flute Player ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  78. Niren Talukdar 62 Actor (jatra) ₹13,000.00 Mirza
  79. Nitumoni Deka PUPPET(putala) show artists ₹13,000.00 Nagaon
  80. Nobin Borah 41 Lok geet, tabla player ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  81. Partha Kalita 39 Bhaona, Sutradhar ₹13,000.00 Nagaon
  82. Prabitra Borah 35 Pepa, flute, bahi & dhol player ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  83. Pradip Borah 48 Utha naam; Path prosonga; Bhaona gayan, bayan, abhinoi, judge; plan multiple instruments; YouTube link shared ₹13,000.00 North Lakhimpur
  84. Pradyut Prakash Boruah Musicians performed on Aug 15 ₹7,500.00
  85. PragyanJyoti Saikia Musicians performed on Aug 15, Jatiya sangeet ₹6,000.00
  86. Pranjal Prakash Borah 40 Drummer ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  87. Pranjit Sarmah 48 Drum Teacher ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  88. Prasanna Baruah 59 Flute player ₹13,000.00 Guwahati
  89. Prasanna Kalita 65 Japi silpa ₹13,000.00 Nalbari
  90. Prayash Phukan 26 Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  91. Priyanku Bordoloi Musicians performed on Aug 15 ₹7,500.00
  92. Rabidhar Das 47 Kalia badak ₹13,000.00 Nalbari
  93. Raj Kumar Thakur 40 Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Bokakhat
  94. Rajani Patgiri 65 Muguriya Sattriya & Kathak teacher ₹13,000.00 Goalpara
  95. Rajen Roy 45 Folk singer ₹13,000.00 Dhubri
  96. Raju Saikia Flute and dotara player ₹13,000.00 Udalguri
  97. Rakesh Boro 30 Folk dancer and choreographer ₹13,000.00 Kaprup Metro
  98. Ranjit Das 56 Govindpur Zuna Naam, Band Party artist ₹13,000.00 Nalbari
  99. Rimjim Deka Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Mangaldoi
  100. Rimpi Das 27 PUPPET(putala) show artists ₹13,000.00 Nagaon
  101. Rishav Bhuyan Musicians performed on Aug 15 ₹7,500.00
  102. Ronal Hussain Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  103. Rumi Bhuyan Folk Dacer, Acting ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  104. Rupom Bezbaruah 40 Sculpture & folk drama artist ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  105. Sada Hazarika Khol player ₹13,000.00 Morongi
  106. Samiran Borgohain Musicians performed on Aug 15, Jatiya sangeet ₹6,000.00
  107. Samiron Saikia 38 folk instruments and write songs ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  108. Sekhar Jyoti Goswami Musicians performed on Aug 15 ₹7,500.00
  109. Shantanu Gogoi Musicians performed on Aug 15, Jatiya sangeet ₹6,000.00
  110. Shantanu Saikia 40 Guitarist ₹13,000.00 Sibsagar
  111. Shyamal Bhuyan 43 Keyboard Player ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  112. Sumitra Phukan PUPPET(putala) show artists ₹13,000.00 Nagaon
  113. Sumpal Borah 30 Creative dance, Bhaona ₹13,000.00 Jorhat
  114. Susanta Mahanta Folk and Traditional Theater ₹13,000.00 Dergoan
  115. Upen Ch Baruah 50 Xatriya Nritya guru; Barbayan; Bhaona group; Done workshops with Sangeet Natak Academy ₹13,000.00 Narayanpur, North Lakhimpur
  116. Utasabananda Nath 50 Dotara, flute, sarinda player ₹13,000.00 Goalpara
  117. Utpal Saikia Sattriiya Dance ₹13,000.00 Majuli
  118. Uttam Ray 42 Dotara player, Tecahes Music ₹13,000.00 Dhubri

Past Year 2020 few Beneficiary Profile Gallery

Biswajit Gogoi

Negera Artiste

Anil Roy

Goalparia Dhol Artiste

Partha Kalita

Bhaona (Sutradhar)

Bholaram Nath

Ojapali and Deodhoni

Uttam Roy

Dotora Artiste

Baloram Saikia

Loka Geet

Rakesh Boro

Folk Dance and Choreographer

Hemen Sarma

Loka Geet

Jagat C Barik

Sattriya Artiste

Kuladhar Talukdar

Sculptor and Build Stages

Sada Hazarika

Khol Artiste

Nayan Jyoti Nath

Sattriya Artiste

Muruli Nath

Singer:Jyoti-Rabha Sangeet

Ananta Bora

Khol Artiste

Bhaskar Jyoti Kalita

Flute Artiste

Amar Jyoti Sarmah

Bhaona and Tabla

Debeswar Saika

Dhol & Nagara

Gunamoni Baruah

Folk and Traditional Theater

Jintu Neog

Dhul , Khul , Negera Artiste

Nilutpal Bora

Flute Artiste

Munindra Das

Dhul , Khul , Negera, Tabla

Ananda Muktiar

Sattriya and Khol Player

Shyamol Bhuyan

Singer Keyboard Artiste

Bhanu Devi

Folk Theater/Deodhani Dance

Pranjit Sarmah


Krishna Bhuyan

Folk and Traditional Artiste

Biden Kolita


Rajani Patgiri

Muguriya Sattriya Kathak

Dwijen Ch. Barman

Sattriya Dance















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